Bookkeeping and Accounting Services Training classes in Quickbooks and Small Business Accounting Business Management for Medium and Small Businesses and Non-Profits
The Bookkeeping Industry: Recent advances in e-commerce are dramatically impacting the bookkeeping market. The advent of the affordable e-store and proliferation of online data management and payment systems added significant complications for bookkeepers. The paper trail has been replaced by a series of electronic transactions and clouded document storage that require untangling not only the accounting transactions but the computer software that houses these transactions. Bookkeepers need to be proficient in a growing number of accounting and other integrated software platforms, phone applications and social media. Small businesses that were able to slide by with periodic paper reviews by their accountant now need a skilled bookkeeper to keep pace with e-commerce.

EBB's Mission: Offer training and ongoing support that produces a quality bookkeeper, versatile enough to adapt to any accounting software platform.


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